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The Secret Diary of Rotten Todd, Aged 34 1/2
What a Difference a Year Makes
September 26, 2003

Dear Diary:

It has been 14 months since the launch of this exalted website, and it just keeps getting better. Actually, some parts get better, some just stay the same. For instance, Herr Miester Brau is still getting on my case about you, my Tomb. I will give credit to the rest of the BS community, for making this last year a complete blast!

I know, Iíve been away for quite a while, but itís been hard to keep up when I am no longer unemployed, and strapped to the chair at the library. So much has gone on since my last entry!!

Letís see, well, Vietnam is pretty well bought and paid for! (Hee, hee! I love tickling the Republicans!) I really canít wait until someone renames Lynn woods, and suddenly, "Weíre reclaiming Bosnia!"

Hereís a short topic of discussion - "So, what did you think about Mt. Snow?" To be honest the event at Mt. No-Show that seemed to garner the most attention was the beaching of the Land Yacht. If you havenít checked out the Grand Poobahís motion picture extravaganza, youíre in for a treat. Yes, I didnít secure the pin holding rack, but the reason was I would have never needed to secure it if Clysdale hadnít instructed our pilot to "turn around here". I think a "hell yah" goes out to Lebowski for not popping us both.

Sinister R9 - Nothing like a firm 9 inches in the rear, they always say.

Personally I knew Aaron Chase would win the Big Wheels comp. He owns it. However, the rest of the crew gave him no room to breathe, and put on a stellar performance for the crowd.

Pedroís - That one word can conjure the most extreme emotions about the weekend-long "ciclo raduno". One year dry, the next it is most certainly not! By far the best places to hang out for the duration of the mud-fest were the disco tent and the TNR tent. Unfortunately, the only spectating we did at TNR was watching the ramps get wetter and wetter.

Clysdale and I moved into the new Bachelor Pad in Portsmouth. Although it resembles nothing about an Austin Powers movie, it does have its perks. None of which are the riff-raff spewing from the downstairs apartment. The sinking feeling of someone nearly stealing Boffoís bike leaves me with an acute sympathy for our communityís recent larceny victims.

"Mr. T, where are you!" Alas, I wouldnít pity the foolz.

Living where we do is really quite fun. We regularly make assaults on the Downtown via pedal power. Our housewarming party should feature a "pub roll" on eclectic steeds. Bring yo lowridah!

Cindy Lauper said it best. Indeed, her persona screamed it. We canít deny the power of that catchy tune. Even as I jot this down it is echoing in the back of my cavernous cranium. It seems the Busted Spoke Girlz are resurrecting that decades-old battle cry - Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun!

Unfortunately boys arenít the only things on their minds.

Weíre going to have to step it up as this dichotomy narrows. The Girlz arenít "girls" any longer! They go bigger, ride faster, pedal longer, and SHOW UP MORE OFTEN than ever before! Worse yet, Men, they now travel in a pack! Yipes!

Kidding aside, the BS Girlz Krew is awesome! Virgil rippiní DH, Header showing the way at Lynn and Exeter, AZ Chick representing the XC Ranks, and Flo, coming in to her own on all fronts! We are so lucky. (Now, Girlz, get out there and bring in more chicks!)

Hey, did anyone break any bones at MTN. Cross at Rye Airfield? Auntesther has got props for the most anodized parts - unfortunately, theyíre in his wrist! I guess the Postals went postal. Canít wait for Snow Cross!!

Well, my trusty tomb, it is that time again. Itís been too long, but I promise to write more often. This year past has carried the transformation of a dream to a reality for three strangers who met on a ride just over a year ago. Faces have gone, but more show up daily, and the site keeps growing. I gotta stop. Iím getting verklempt! Sniff.

Most choking.

The Square Dance was designated as the official state folk dance by the General Assembly in 1995. Thats the truth...

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Who is Rotten Todd You Ask?

Hmmm...What do you say about a guy that really doesn't bring much to the party?

"Rotten" Todd Cary has been involved in the cycling industry for almost 20 years, if you count the meager wages earned at "sweat shops" disguised as bicycle retailers. A short lived pro career proved that 200 lb hockey players can, indeed, excel at criteriums. After announcing his retirement, to little fanfare, Mr. Cary set out to prove he could build a better mousetrap. However, upon disproving the age-old adage that, if successful, he'd be adorned with riches, he decided that real money was to be had producing high-end, custom, MTB racing frames. Dogma Bikes USA was acclaimed for being more successful than Schwinn, and Mr. Cary went on to sell the company in 1997 for a healthy profit of $7.38.

As an engineer, Todd has been involved in producing some of the world's greatest technologies including Boeing Aircraft, and artificial hearts. [Ed.: Gods help us.] Mr. Cary is a member of TNR, resides in Newburyport, MA, and shows undeniable grace while lawn-darting from teeter-totters.

Email todd at and let him know what you think.

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